Partners for accelerating growth

Truelink Capital is a Los Angeles-based private equity firm with a senior, experienced founding team and a demonstrated ability to create long-term value.

We take pride in being great partners, with a strong focus on operations, strategic insight, maintaining a flexible approach, certainty of deal execution, and open communication.

Who We Are

Truelink’s core values permeate throughout our firm and drive everything we do.

Our Sector Focus

Truelink has deep sector experience in core verticals of Tech-Enabled Services and Industrials.
Business Process Outsourcing
Business Services
Education Technology
Financial Technology
IT Services
Building Products
Industrial Technology
Manufacturing & Distribution
Transportation & Logistics

Operational Focus

Operational improvement is deeply integrated in our investment process

Truelink’s operational playbook has been tested and established through decades of hands-on private equity investing

Customized playbook is modularized, allowing different performance modules to be deployed depending on the facts and circumstances at the specific portfolio company

Deep network of internal and external operational resources to drive value creation throughout the life of a deal

Surround our management teams with strong talent and top-grading where appropriate to ensure portfolio companies have the right talent in the right seats

ESG principles are a critical component of our values and investment strategy

Truelink’s guiding philosophy on ESG is to leave our companies better than we found them, and to be great stewards of the shared communities in which we live.

Value Creation

As investors with a long-term view, we seek to enhance value creation and risk management by constructing sustainable, well-managed, and accountable organizations.

Extensive Experience

Truelink has proactively championed ESG by leading ESG initiatives and standardization of portfolio reporting, as well as integrating ESG into diligence processes.

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